Akasha Wellness Retreat

Yoga and Wellness Retreats in Timeless Transylvania

About Akasha Wellness Retreat

Welcome to the Akasha tribe. Souls that are supposed to meet find each other.

We travelled and lived all over the world in search of this, but it was there all along, right at home, “Acasa”. Akasha Wellness Retreat is a project that values healing and connection to nature and to each other, formed by the community of people, just like us, who had the courage to explore untravelled paths.

It is the only dedicated yoga retreat in Romania.

Living a meaningful life. Yoga is not meant for noisy cities & crowded studios. Take a break from city life and come back to nature.

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October Retreats

Meet the Creator

Irina is the lady with the seed - individually curated retreat programmes inspired by her own holistic healing journey after 17 years living in London. She spent the last 5 years travelling the world on a spiritual quest for finding purpose, qualifying as a registered yoga teacher, participating in retreats & traditional ashrams, studying Ayurveda & practicing meditation whilst never forgetting her passion for creative innovation, startups & hospitality.