Barefoot Aleks

Endurance Adventurer, Motivational Speaker and Writer

Wild Island Adventure

Run the Derwent fells and swim through the shimmering waters to an overnight camp complete with wood fire-cooked food and craft beers.
"Movement has a way of clearing away the noise of the everyday, creating a void where we can be our true selves"

Aleks Kashefi

“We spend our lives chasing things that we think we want and it’s only when they are removed that we truly appreciate what is important.”

A teacher who dreams of adventure and running mountains, I set out and completed the iconic Land’s End to John O’Groats (barefoot and unsupported), told students that they should embrace challenge and take risks in learning whilst working in a secure job with a comfortable and risk free lifestyle.

The hypocrisy seemed to hit home when I ran LeJog, carrying what I needed in a small backpack. In August of 2016 I chose a backpack and some sandals over a secure life with a good income. I chose to go alone instead of with friends and now I’m seeing what will happen when we chose adventure and challenge over the ordinary, secure life.

It’s all well and good saying life begins at the edge of our comfort zones.

Let’s find out if it does…