5 Nights of Yoga & Chakra Rebalancing Retreat

Romania · September 3 - 8 2020

Rebalance your chakra and (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life.


Rebalance your chakra and (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life.
Finding time to do nothing and become still gets more and more challenging each day. But stillness helps to calm and tame the weary mind. This retreat, set in Europe’s last secret garden, in Transylvania, guides you towards rebalancing your chakras and to (re-)discover your passion and purpose-in-life. Integrating moments of stillness into each day. The rolling hills and the peaks of the Carpathian mountains surround you. No-one as far as the eye can see except some local villagers, cows in the fields and deer, bears and other iconic wildlife at a distance in the third longest mountain range of Europe. Nature immediately brings you into harmony and gives you a deeper sense of place, peace and purpose. You’ll be invited to be silent for several hours daily to rest and digest, and for reflection. Join the deep dive into silence for 24-hours. You’ll enjoy zen-walks in nature to boost your senses. During the daily yoga and meditation practices you will unlock the healing power of your chakras and find inner-stillness and peace.

  • Yoga Workshops
  • 2 x daily yoga classes ( Morning: Vinyasa / Hatha, Evening: Yin/ Restorative/Nidra)
  • 3 x daily plant-based meals
  • free pickup from Brasov ( 3PM from Brasov or 3:30 PM from the city center) and drop off on the last day at 12 PM
  • forest walks
  • silent experiences
  • all yoga props
  • unlimited jacuzzi hot tub & sauna ( traditional + infra red)
  • optional spa massage therapy
  • Optional: Group excursion to BRAN CASTLE & BEAR SANCTUARY ( Entrance fee and transport cost about €15 EACH)