Beautiful Bali Yoga Retreat & Raw Food Immersion

Indonesia · January 19 - 25 2020

Dive into the inspiring landscape of Bali with a purifying week of yoga, meditation, hot springs, and visits to sacred water temples.


Discover the unparalleled beauty of Bali during this diverse, week-long yoga and wellness retreat. You'll enjoy sunrise hikes up Mount Batur, a visit to sacred water temple, laying by the pool, therapeutic massages, meals in an open air oasis, and dozing off to sleep among the sounds of the Balinese Jungle in your stunning accommodation.

You'll have access to cultural classes as well, with a Boreh class (Balinese ancestral warming balm herbal preparation) and a Jamu class (prepare and taste traditional curcuma healing drink), ensuring that you are exposed to a little slice of all that this wondrous land has to offer.

We've partnered with Sayuri Healing Foods to offer you a course (included in the price) to learn the a sampling of the following foods: Nut milk, Chia porridge, Zucchini pasta, Marinara sauce, Raw-mesan, Chocolate bliss balls, Carrot flax & Corn crackers, Herb bread loaf, Fermented soft nut cheese, Superfood smoothies, Alkalizing Juice, Hummus, Curry butter, Bruschetta, Ice cream, Brownies, Chocolate ganache sauce, Carrot cake & frosting, Kimchi, Coconut Kefir, Kombucha, Coconut yogurt, Easy Raw Chocolate, Cheesecake with a swirl, Burger Patties, Pad Thai noodles, sweet tamarind sauce, “stir-fry” veggies, almond chili sauce, Curried salad sprinkles, Yoghurt parfait, Un-tuna paté, Salad nori roll, Sesame ginger dressing, BBQ ketchup & mayo (tasting burger).

*This is not an exclusively raw retreat, we'll have so much delicious non raw food as well.



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At the heart of Yogascapes is our dedication to only working with experienced, genuine and inspiring teachers that lead the way both on and off the mat. While all of our teachers are unique, each lives for the intersection of yoga and travel. Our teachers have invested their lives in creating safe and beautiful spaces for their students to grow, heal and have fun. We work with each teacher to create a unique, in depth and inspiring program that allows students to dive deep into their body, mind and spirit, while setting the stage for a deeper connection to the land, the people and the culture everywhere we go and beyond.

Blue Karma Ubud

A lush, boutique resort venue located just outside of the cultural epicentre of Ubud, Bali.


Blue Karma is a verdant, eco-frienly haven, surrounded by fruit trees and deliciously perfumed plants. Inside is nestled a 25 m pool, yoga pagodas, gazebos with thatched roofs, and many other stunning areas to rest, reflect, and meditate.

The Plan

Day 1

Day 2

Jump start your day with an energizing yoga class, followed by a tasty and hearty breakfast. You'll have some free time to read, swim, or get a massage until lunch, after which you'll have a few more hours of free time before the evening yoga session. End the day with a nutritious dinner.

Day 3

You'll start the day with a centering meditation before breakfast. Then, you'll head out for an excursion to Tirta Empul, where you'll spend the morning until returning back to the retreat for lunch. Then you'll have free time to enjoy a swim or massage before the evening yoga session and dinner.

Day 4

You'll start the day off very early with an optional sunrise mountain hike to Mount Batur, where you'll enjoy breakfast by the volcano. Then, you'll head to the hot springs for a morning soak before returning to the retreat for lunch. You'll have some time to rest and recuperate before the evening yoga session, which will be followed by dinner.

Day 5

You'll start the day with a rejuvenating yoga session, followed by a delicious and wholesome breakfast. Then, you can join an optional excursion into Ubud before lunch. You'll have the evening free from yoga, so you can spend your evening hanging by the pool, reading a book, or exploring Ubud until dinner time.

Day 6

After an energizing morning yoga session and nutritious breakfast, you'll have some time to kick back until lunch. Then, you'll have even more free time to enjoy a massage, head for a swim, or curl up with a book. Your evening yoga session will also include a special closing circle ceremony, and will be followed by a delicious group dinner.

Day 7

Enjoy a final tasty and wholesome breakfast before your departure.