California, Yoga, Hot Springs, and Serenity

United States · February 21 - 23 2020

Illuminate your inner self with a weekend of healing yoga and soaking under starry night skies.


Step into a weekend of serenity, where you'll deepen your practice and rejuvenate your body with daily soaks in healing hot springs, wide open mountain prairies, healthy food, juicy, joyful yoga sessions and always an amazing group of people from all over.

The Sierra Hot Springs are tucked away in a tranquil forest in the High Sierras; you'll enjoy the views of a vast alpine valley sprawling out to the peaks of the Sierras in between soaks in the silky smooth spring water. Fill up on water, open skies, time for quiet, recovery and connection.




Hayley's teaching is inspired by the latest myofascial and neuroscience, and infused with the traditions of Tantric Buddhism, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, earth wisdom, archetypal mythology, guided visualization and somatic psychology. Each class is based on the cycle of the moon and the seasons through a combination of unique sequencing, challenging asana, meditation and pranayama.

As a celebrated massage therapist specializing in chronic pain, she’s able to translate the intricacies of healthy movement and how to correct imbalances through restorative alignment with an attitude of compassion, curiosity and playfulness.

Sierra Hot Springs

A peaceful, rustic mountain lodge.


Sierra Hot Springs is a wonderfully cosy, tranquil destination. With gorgeous views of the sprawling alpine forest and a comfy lounge with a crackling fire, you'll feel right at home.

Accommodations are in both the Main Lodge and Globe Room (a 15-20 min walk from the pools and main lodge). The pools are clothing optional, so you can decide what is most comfortable for you. There are a few private warm tubs available. 

The Plan

Day 1

You'll ease into the retreat with a gentle welcome yoga practice, followed by a delicious group dinner.

Day 2

Grab a cup of coffee or tea before your first energizing yoga class of the day, which will be followed by a tasty and wholesome breakfast. You'll have free time to hike, soak in the springs, or get a massage until lunch. Then, you'll do your second, restorative yoga session of the day. End the day with a hearty and healthy dinner.

Day 3

After your morning tea you'll take your final yoga class of the retreat, which will include a special closing circle. Then, after a delicious group brunch, check out and head home.