Colombia · April 12 - 18 2020



Welcome to one of the most magical places on earth. This area, at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas is known as The Heart of the World. Known for the famous Tayrona National Park, it is home to to the tallest mountain closest to the ocean and supports five lush rivers that run from the mountains to the sea. In this specific area the wildlife is abundant, hosting 20% of Colombia’s 1921 different bird species, the most in the world. Along with the abundance of nature, the indigenous tribes of the land are what creates a powerful and sacred experience unlike any other. Throughout the retreat, we will be immersed in the ancient wisdom of the Kogi people, who are considered protectors of the Earth. The Kogi’s will share their knowledge and lifestyle practices of how they aim to live in alignment with the planet and inspire us to do the same.

We designed this trip to bring you to a place that feels far removed from every day life and yet connects you deeply to the thriving nature all around to create an experience where you can release the busy-ness, cleanse by the ocean and nourish with practices that draw you into the heart and with community. We want to take you into one of the most biodiverse places in the world and connect you to a culture that has been thriving in the mountains for centuries, and most importantly integrate their teachings on how we too, can better protect our planet.



Alexandra Ma

A createress, a singer, dancer and earth worshiper. Alexandra walks the world with an open heart and open mind, always playing the role as a student, gathering information to pass on. She lives with the aim to inspire others through song, embodiment, creativity, balance, travel and trust. Alexandra is co-founder of Shakti Sanctuary, a women's empowerment movement that threads together community at retreats and events worldwide. Alexandra calls her practice Universal Yoga. This combines Vinyasa and Hatha components with Kundalini elements of mantra and song. She approaches yoga as medicine. Bringing playfulness, intuition and grace to the practice, Alexandra works with her students to cultivate a deeply cleansing and powerful experience.


Beachside spa in a hidden utopia under the Milky Way.


This stunning spa hotel is nestled in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, known to local tribes as the 'heart of the world', and where every single ecosystem on earth thrives.

Secluded and serene, sleep beneath a palm roof surrounded by spectacular mountains, star-studded skies and lulling ocean waters in extraordinary private huts on the beach.

Disconnect from the world in this eco-friendly utopia, eat fresh gourmet meals, and rejuvenate in the on-site spa with a therapeutic bath and massage.

The Plan

Your casita is just a minute walk through the thick Colombian jungle to the wild and desolate coastline. Set at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, Gitana Del Mar will be your home away from home as you come back from adventures into the mountains, rivers and beaches nearby. Throughout the week, there are a few delicious activities planned as a group, however the rest of the time is yours to relax at Gitana del Mar, go horseback riding, exploring a sacred swimming hole or enjoy spa treatments onsite.


Each morning we'll have a juicy morning yoga practice in the sweet studio on the edge of the jungle and the sea. Classes will be designed to fit the group our teachers are experiences so that each class will be accessible and interesting to all levels.


We love eating at Gitana Del Mar. The food is absolutely amazing and each yoga/movement practice is followed by a delicious and healthy meal prepared by our chefs. All dietary needs can be satisfied and even if you're not coming for the food you'll leave obsessed with it.


While we encourage all guests to take advantage of the quiet, tropical paradise to wind down, reset the nervous system and recover from doing so much, we also think that real adventure and movement supports this, in the right dose. We'll do a full on hike in Tayrona National Park, a half day trip to a sacred water fall and swimming hole and plenty of optional excursions like horseback riding and hikes.