Marrakech Wild Feminine

Morocco · November 24 - 30 2019

A week-long women's retreat to help you dive deeply into the work of re-awakening the wild within.


Yogascapes has teamed up with Wild Feminine Rising to create the retreat of a lifetime in one of the most inspiring places on earth: Marrakech, Morocco. Through dynamic meditations, dance, yoga, singing, partner work, deep inquiry and reflections we will begin to understand our inner landscapes so that as women, we can collectively rise.

Morocco is the perfect place not just because of its rich and inspiring culture, but because here you can practice reclaiming your space in the world by being so fully you, held by a group of women, in a place where it is challenging for women to travel alone.

You'll spend seven days shedding what is no longer needed, and witnessing a wild transformation in yourself and other sisters. "Wild" to us means living in a natural state, dancing with the rhythms of nature, connected to the cycles of the moon. It means deeply listening to the messages of our bodies and honoring them fully and completely. It means learning our boundaries and standing firmly within them like a tree rooted in the Earth.

Expect dance tantric, hatha yoga, Yin/Restorative yoga, ritual theater, singing circles, self-inquiry, journaling, partner practices, Meditation, and art walks during this journey.

Yogascapes chose Thanksgiving week to offer an alternative for those who don’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving because of its implications toward the native peoples of America. No judgement if you want to spend this time with family—it's just another beautiful option.

  • 6 nights accommodation at Jnane Tamsna
  • 2-3 Delicious Meals Daily
  • All yoga
  • meditation
  • dance
  • creative sessions
  • etc with Grace and Gloria
  • Market Tour & Cooking Class in Marrakech


Gloria & Grace | Wild Feminine Rising

Gloria is devoted to movement; she has built over twenty five years of dance experience, from contemporary choreography to ballet and modern dance. But it wasn’t until the merging of movement and meditation through Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms that Gloria truly found what she had beed digging for. For Gloria, dancing is a religious practice; when she goes to dance, she goes to church.

Gloria has been teaching Yoga since 2013. She designs ultra-personal classes and retreats that focus on Pranayama, Ayurveda, Traditional styles of Yoga and Air Yoga. She has taught in Europe, Canada, United States and Central America. She studied Interior Design, is certified in Feng Shui, and is the founder of Sattva Land, a Wholistic Learning and Healing centre in the jungle of Belize. (

Grace took her first yoga class at 16—every day since has been a fruitful unfolding of contemplation, self-inquiry, and self-empowerment. She attended her first yoga teacher training in the Sivananda lineage and has since studied Para Yoga & Sri Vidya Tantric studies, Yoga for Kids, Yin yoga & Mindfulness. Her classes interweave yogic philosophy with physical asana and use the breath as a means of inner transformation.

Grace is a passionate musician who sings and plays harmonium and guitar; her Kirtan flow classes blend mantra chanting and singing with asana practice to evoke a sense of deep connection. Grace loves to embody the feminine—she has led classes and rituals to embody the feminine, has worked with different archetypes of the goddess and has chanted to Durga many hundreds of times.

Jnane Tamsna

A cosy, secluded Moroccan villa with high quality service and gorgeous design.


The beautiful Jnane Tamsna is located just outside of Marrakech—close enough to pop in for the day for to taste the wonder of the Medina and pop back out for the coziness of our retreat. Set within a 9 acre garden with 5 pools, surrounded by a palms, it’s the perfect oasis.

“Attracting a Boho crowd of artists and writers, Jnane Tamsna is done out in luxe ethnic style” – Elle

“Their cuisine takes you to seventh heaven” – Vogue