Iceland · February 9 - 15 2020

Float through the ethereal beauty of Iceland with a wondrous week of yoga, hot springs, glaciers and Northern Lights.


Dive into the most magnificent places in Iceland and the most powerful parts of the human spirit during this eight day retreat. You’ll start by exploring Reykjavik then head north into an enchanting winter wonderland, with the ultimate goal of seeing the Northern Lights. While your head is tilted up to the sky, your body will stay grounded with daily, centering yoga classes. You'll sink into the healing and waters of the hot springs and awe-inspiring glaciers.

  • Accommodation
  • Healing Hot Spring Visits
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Glacier Hike in the South
  • Optional Visit to Kaldi Beer Spa

Reykjavík and Raven Hill

Comfortable, clean, chic accommodation throughout Iceland.


After arriving in Keflavik and visiting the Blue Lagoon, you’ll spend three nights in in Reykjavik in hand-selected private apartments. Practice yoga at the local studio, eat delicious food, and explore the night life of this dazzling city.

You'll then stay at the Raven Hill for three nights. Surround yourself in the serene Icelandic windernes while you hike to hot springs and discover waterfalls at this magnificent locale.