Outlook Festival

Croatia · September 5 - 9 2018

Europe's biggest celebration of bass music and sound system culture set in a 2000 year old Roman abandoned fort on the Adriatic coast.


Located on the Adriatic coast in a long forgotten network of tunnels beneath Pula, Croatia, the award-winning Outlook Festival is four days and nights of sun soaking beach and boat parties with a complete submersion into bass music and sound system culture in a history-steeped abandoned fort.

Kicking off with an electrifying opening concert like no other in a Roman amphitheatre with the backdrop of the Adriatic coast is unmissable. Soak it all in on the beach stage with everything from live jazz and dub through to Hip-Hop. Then bass mavericks will join the list of world class international DJs and live acts to deliver a raucous party all day and deep into the night.



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