Restorative Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Romania · November 22 - 27 2019

A Yoga Retreat for sustainable living and intelligent lifestyle flow.


Most contemporary yoga is an active practice in which you move from pose to pose, building heat and increasing strength and flexibility in equal measure. Restorative yoga is something completely different—it’s about slowing down and opening the body through passive stretching. Holding each carefully selected posture for longer helps relax the muscles deeply & restore the free flow of breath calmly. Restorative classes are very mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices, the hectic pace of every day life and an excellent antidote to stress.

This retreat is geared towards the yogi who wants to switch the mind from a state of turbulence to the bliss of tranquility, restore calm, increase mobility & reconnect with the body.

  • Optional: Group excursion to BRAN CASTLE & BEAR SANCTUARY ( Entrance fee and transport cost about €15 EACH)
  • 2 x daily gentle yoga
  • 3 x daily plant-based meals
  • 5 nights boutique accommodation
  • hiking & forest walks
  • yoga philosophy workshops
  • unlimited jacuzzi hot tub & sauna (traditional + infrared)
  • optional massage therapy


Mariana Dragan

Mariana Dragan Discovered de practice of yoga in 2012 thanks to a very gifted, knowledgeable and generous yoga teacher. And so she began to experience  and trust the transformative power of yoga.  Ever since, many changes in her life happened including  a yoga teacher training in Sivananda Yoga in 2014, quitting a corporate carrier  and the decision to dedicate her time to teaching and practicing yoga . Her activity now includes teaching in several yoga studios in Bucharest and managing a personal yoga platform (together with a friend and yoga enthusiast)  that makes this practice friendly, accessible and down to earth  for her urban citizen humans in Bucharest. Mariana has  and continues to develop her yoga knowledge  through trainings, workshops and studies in Europe, India and Bucharest where she reside. She organizes and/or participates in yoga events, retreats, festivals and has been a yoga teacher trainer for a yoga school in Romania. Most of all she is happy to be part of the dynamic  growing yoga community in Bucharest now. She teaches in Romanian and English traditional Hatha yoga classes, Sivananda yoga, hot yoga vinyasa classes, yin yoga.


Holistic Spa

Holistic Spa

As a guest you’ll have unlimited access to swedish & infra red sauna + outdoor jacuzzi hot tub, both with views of our mountains. You can also book on demand body therapies, energy healing and massages

Akasha Wellness Centre

a quiet refuge for complete body & mind renewal


Our secluded retreat venue is the quiet refuge for complete body & mind renewal. With beautiful gathering spaces, lovely lodging, and plenty of fresh air and space, guests quickly appreciate the healing power and wonder of their time here.

The Plan

A Typical Day

7.30am | 90 min Morning Yoga Practice

A dynamic flow to energise & awaken, working through the whole body and finishing with a relaxing savasana or guided meditation.

9am | Yummy Vegan Breakfast

10.00am | Free Time for relaxing, walks in nature, reading & Spa Therapies or Scheduled Workshops as per retreat programme.

2pm | Main meal of the day, Lunch 

3pm | Free Time for relaxing, walks in nature, reading & Spa Therapies or Scheduled Workshops as per retreat programme. 

6pm | Evening Yoga Practice 

An evening slow flow based on Yin/Restorative styles, moving slowly through asanas to enhance and build on the work done in the yoga morning practice. 

7.30pm | Delicious Vegan Dinner

8.30pm | Evening Group Activities - Varied every night from Hot Tub Night, Movie Night, Live Music Night or Hang Out Time.