The Hot Air Ballooning Experience

Turkey · October 28 - November 1 2020

Immerse yourself in Istanbul's lively culture and tradition before a once in a lifetime balloon ride over the stunning Cappadocia landscape.


Experience the incredible landscape of Turkey’s Cappadocia region from a different perspective with the Hot Air Ballooning Experience. Reach new heights as you soar through the sky in a hot air balloon, with the volcanic lunar landscape of Cappadocia beneath you. Back on the ground, discover the rich cultural treasures of Cappadocia, from the incredible underground cities to the Goreme cave churches, presenting you with plenty to explore. Starting and ending your Turkish journey in Istanbul, you’ll also have the chance to experience some of the must-see attractions in this famous city.

  • 2 nights in Istanbul
  • 2 nights in Cappadocia
  • All breakfasts
  • Hot Air Ballooning Experience with pre-dawn buffet, champagne landing and certificate



The Balloon Ride

The Balloon Ride

Slowly floating up high about the arid Cappadocia landscape, surrounded by other balloons watching the sun rise is most definitely a pinch yourself moment. Nicely capped off with a glass of bubbles upon landing.



Where West and East meet, Istanbul is one of our all-time favourite cities, brimming with cultural treasures including the iconic Blue Mosque, the Ottoman Topkapi Palace and the fascinating Haghia Sophia.

Turkish Food

Turkish Food

One of Turkey's biggest exports is its cuisine - baklava, turkish delight, juicy kebabs and much much more. The food is simply delicious and full of flavour so don't be shy to try as much as you can, you won't regret it.

Cappadocia Scenery

Cappadocia Scenery

Known for its distinctive fairy chimneys, tall, cone-shaped rock formations and Bronze Age homes carved into valley walls by cave dwellers. Cappadocia offers the perfect backdrop for your balloon ride.




Towering fairy chimneys, rock-cut caves, and rocky valleys that undulate as far as the eye can see—the distinctive landscape of Cappadocia is a result of ancient volcanic eruptions that layered the terrain with soft, porous rock. Nature has artfully eroded the rock into a series of intriguing and comical shapes, most famously the mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys that are scattered throughout the rocky valleys. But man, along with nature, has played a role in shaping the region into the fascinating place it is today. Age-old civilisations carved entire underground cities into the soft rock where they lived for hundreds of years. While these rock-cut dwellings are no longer inhabited, they've been transformed into chic cave hotels that give insight into troglodyte life with a luxury twist.


  • Istanbul is the only city that lies on two continents: Europe and Asia

  • Cappadocia is a large grape producer, with wine-making production having a long history here

  • There are at least 600 underground churches in Cappadocia

  • There are 3,113 mosques in Istanbul

The Plan

Day 1: Arrive in Istanbul

Upon arrival in Istanbul, an airport transfer will take you to your boutique accommodation. Spend the rest of the day relaxing or exploring the city and its cultural treasures, including the Blue Mosque, Haghia Sophia and Grand Bazaar.

Day 2: Travel to Cappadocia

A transfer will take you to Istanbul airport, where you fly to Cappadocia. After your arrival and transfer to your hotel in Cappadocia, you can spend the afternoon exploring the rock churches of Goreme, underground cities and breathtaking valleys on a walking tour of the area or get involved with some horseback riding or hiking (not included).

Day 3: Explore the Skies in a Hot Air Balloon

Pick up from your hotel before dawn and transfer to the take-off site for breakfast and to watch the preparation of the hot air balloons. Once in the balloon, you will have a one hour experience over Cappadocia’s stunning rocky landscape, caves and fairy chimneys. On landing, you will be greeted with a glass of Champagne, before being transferred back to your hotel. You have the rest of the day to spend at your leisure; so relax, explore the area or indulge in some incredible local cuisine!

Day 4: Travel back to Istanbul

A transfer to Cappadocia airport for your flight back to Istanbul. On arrival in Istanbul, you will be transferred to your hotel. Take your time to explore the city at your leisure.

Day 5: Travel to the Airport

Transfer to Istanbul airport for your flight home.