5 Nights of Yoga and Hiking

Romania · June 11 - 16 2020

Six days of nature and yoga in Transylvania.


If you like outdoor activities this retreat is packed with them—plus some added relaxation, which you will definitely need!

The retreat overlooks the Piatra Craiului Mountains, a range in the Southern Carpathians that forms a narrow and saw-like ridge, about 25 km (16 mi) long. The highest elevation in the massif is the “Vârful La Om” at 2,238 metres (7,343 ft): the “OM” peak.

We're going to try to summit the “OM” peak in one day. This is a challenging and rewarding climb, done at a steady pace with an experienced mountain guide. On your way up you may spot some wildlife!

These mountains are quite famous for their incredible scenery—you may have seen them in the movie “Cold Mountain”, which was shot nearby. If it’s good enough for Nicole Kidman, it's good enough for us!