Trekking | Atlas Mountains and Desert Dunes

Morocco · March 1 - 3 2018

Explore and trek the wild terrain of the Atlas Mountains and desert.


Leave the city behind and head for the mountains on a packed 3 day adventure that will take you past arid desert terrain, lush palm valleys and remote villages.

Gain real insights into the area, its geography and its history, offering context to the breath-taking panoramas you'll pause at. The highlight may well be your sunset camel ride or travesing an ancient Saharan path for caravan traders, who would travel in from 'Toumbouktou.'

By night, experience Moroccan hospitality as you're welcomed into the rustic homes of Berber villagers that have long lived a simple life living off the fertile land on the mountainside.

Trekking | Atlas Mountains and Desert Dunes

Atlas Trekking
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