Útilív Adventure Festival

Faroe Islands · September 7 - 9 2018

Trail races and adventures on the spectacularly remote Faroe Islands.


Marooned in the North Atlantic Ocean in between Norway and Iceland, the Faroe Islands provide a dramatic backdrop to the exhilarating activities of Útilív Adventure Festival. The first ever running, adventure & music-based festival to be held on the Faroe Islands, this invigorating adventure combines high-octane activities such as trail running, surfing, sea-kayaking, hiking, and packrafting with an exquisitely remote setting.

Either side of the 13km, 21km, 42km and 65km trail runs, you’ll have access to pre- and post-raceparties, adventure film screenings, local Faroese cuisine—think cinnamon rolls and the freshest seafood you’ve ever tasted—among other epic adventures. Hike nature trails peppered with knife-edge ridges and awe-inspiring waterfalls; run ancient paths between remote farms, peaks and lakes; and immerse yourself in a line-up of inspirational talks & adventure films.

Throughout the weekend, local guides are on hand to organise adventure activities ranging from self-guided and guided hikes to packrafting, wild swims, kayaking & surfing. Sustainability is at the beating heart of the festival, which features a communal beach clean in partnership with a local charity Ringras and talks and films that focus on environmental issues and outdoor adventures


Trail Races


Boat Party



Ultra-Trail Faroe Islands | 65km

Útilív Mountain Marathon | 42km

Útilív Mountain Half-Marathon | 21km

Saksun Tjørnuvík Trail | 13km


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