Good Yoga Life

Good Yoga Life Brings The Experience of Yoga To You


Revitalize your body and mind with an immersive week of yoga, surfing, new friendships, and the enchanting tropical landscape of Sri Lanka.
"Her classes are renewing, invigorating, and relaxing. Lauren, thanks for your instruction!" - Joanne

About Lauren

Lauren's yoga journey began as remedial method to manage the chronic pain she felt as a product of her spinal chord condition. As her practice developed, Lauren realized that yoga does much more than rehabilitate the body. Her realization of the immense benefits of yoga urged her to become a teacher of this inspiring ancient science. Lauren now practices and teaches with the understanding that by creating a compassionate relationship between the mind and body yoga can help, heal, and transform at life, at any age.

Lauren was trained in the Kripalu yoga tradition and while she does apply the Kripalu methodology to her classes, her teaching style is eclectic. She believes that yoga should be taught to meet the needs of the student. Lessons are never dictated but guided, with the freedom of allowing all yoga practioners to explore their bodies edges in a safe, supported environment. With this mindset Lauren's teaching style can vary. She meets the needs of her students by drawing upon the diverse traditions of yoga she has studied, while imbuing her knowledge of personal training and mindfulness. Lauren believes that this is the optimal way for students to enjoy their practice, because it is truly for them, rather than based on premeditated standards.