IGO Adventures

A series of multi-disciplinary challenges in the worlds most remote locations.
"IGO wasn't about driving my athleticism or chasing a competitive high; it was about accomplishing a perusal goal and achieving what, for me, was the unthinkable."

About IGO

IGO was born out of personal, life-changing adventures. Each carefully chosen location is steeped in adventure history; whether that’s the place Scott trained for his Arctic expedition in Norway, where Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the then-unchartered West of America, where the Berbers held the Roman empire at bay in Morocco, or ancient battlefields in Scotland – there is something for everyone.

IGO’s require effort; physical, mental & emotional. But it’s more than simply completing the four days; it’s about being at the threshold of your comfort zone, testing your inner resolve, your determination and drive, and ultimately achieving something extraordinary.