Lauren Lee Yoga

Dedicated to sharing holistic practices that alchemize the body and mind to expand the heart.

Celebrate the Light

Soak in the potent light of the Summer Solstice and at this all-inclusive retreat in the pristine and secluded Greek island of Koufonisi.

Dreamquest Yoga

$1,809 Per Person
7 nights

Explore shadow realms and dream states through Shamanic rituals to...


Tropical Transformation

$1,894 Per Person
7 nights

A powerful week of personal evolution through yoga and holistic...

I envision a world where sacred wisdom is embodied and everyone has access to teachings that bring more freedom and joy.

Lauren Lee

I've been a dedicated student on the path of yoga for over a decade, and have a fierce desire to share the teachings as a gateway to awaken consciousness for a collective awakening.

I live, learn and love in various countries around the world and fuse together my passion for holistic health, travel and community through immersive and transformative experiences.