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Traveling Creatives Immersion Retreat | New Orleans


Traveling Creatives Immersion Retreat | Tulum

“My personal mission is to inspire women to find their most authentic self and true confidence through holistic practices, creativity & experiential travel.”

Meet the Creator

Hi! I'm Andi.

Growing up as the oldest child born into a family of travelers I don’t remember a time in which the idea of living a nomadic life wasn’t in my plan. I loved that childhood game where you spin the globe, eyes closed, and wherever the globe stops that’s your future destination.

I moved to New Orleans working as a senior level executive in the beauty business. However there’s no city that encourages it’s residents to chase the muse like New Orleans - my muses: artists (those that play on the streets for dimes and those that fill concert halls), the stars, mountain tops, beaches and desert highways. 10 years later my life has taken a different path. I've worked as a fashion designer, event planner, stylist and creative director. Presently I'm traveling America exploring artistic hideaways and famous locales too. My second book "Wanderful" is available now. It's my favorite "job" yet.