Surf Road Trip

Portugal · May 6 - 20 2019

Discover Portugal's best surf spots in a road trip along the coast.

Max no of guests: 14


Hit the crystal clear waters of Portugal in this two-week road trip to the country's best surf spots.

You'll be joined by a group of instructors, who will take you to their favourite spots along the coast and give you detailed and intimate coaching to improve your surf skills—you'll even analyze videos of yourself surfing to further hone your technique.

When you're not on the water, you can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing, have a BBQ with your retreat mates, lounge on the beach, or whatever else you like! This is an adventure filled to the brim with surf, sun, and loads of fun.

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Airport Transfers*
  • Transfers between locations (North - Centre - South)
  • Surf lessons w/beach transfer + equipment & insurances
  • Video analysis session
  • Advanced coaching
  • Beach & bath towel
  • Beach guide
  • 3x BBQ/Dinners

The P l a n

The Plan

  • 1

    We will be heading from Magikvanilla to Espinho, a seaside town just under 30Km from Porto, the northern capital of Portugal. It will be a travelling day with a few stops on the way, reaching our destination mid-afternoon, giving you time to explore the town and enjoy the sunset on the beach.

  • 2

    We'll spend three days in Espinho, getting a surf lesson each day and exploring this beautiful coastline with amazing beaches and awesome surf spots.
    One of the days your surf session will be filmed and later the instructors will analyze the videos to show you the areas that you are already smashing and give you improvement goals for the following sessions. And there is still a lot of free time get to know your new friends' sightseeing trips, sunset beers and exploring the town.

  • 5

    We will head down to Ericeira to spend a few days at Magikvanilla. On the way down we plan to have a surf session somewhere between Porto and Ericeira. And to end the first part of our trip we will have a group meal (included).

  • 6

    Today, you'll have the day off to explore, catch some sun on the beach, chill on the hammocks at Magik or practice some of the new techniques you've been learning!

  • 7

    We will surf in Ericeira for these next few days, exploring our local spots with a filming day, followed by a video analysis session with your instructors, where the focus will be to advise you for the next free surf sessions.

  • 10

    We will start our day with a trip to the south coast of Portugal, through the scenic route so you can see a bit more of this amazing country, once we reach our destination it will be time to chill and get ready for the next free surfing days.

  • 11

    These three days, you'll put into practice what you've been learning in all those lessons in some real free surf sessions. Our aim is to make the most of it, so get ready for some beach days with as much surf as you want. Although there won’t be lessons your instructors will be surfing alongside you to give you some pointers if you need them but most of all some fun surf memories with friends.

  • 14

    It’s not time to say goodbye yet, but we will hit the road, heading to Magikvanilla for the last night of the trip.

  • 15

    Departures day, as we don’t like to say goodbye it will be a see you soon, maybe next season maybe next month, maybe you enjoyed the trip so much that you stay for the next 7 days and join us on our Green Wave Week.

Various Accommodation


A hostel, beachside bungalow, and a private villa—the perfect landing spots for your Portuguese surfing adventure. In Espinho, you'll stay in a cute, cosy, and comfortable hostel. During your time at Ericeira you'll stay, of course, at Magikvanilla's very own beautiful beachy bungalow. Finally, down south, you'll enjoy private villa accommodation. In all three locations, breakfast is included.