The Great Norse Run

Iceland · September 19 - 29 2019

Ten days of nomadic adventure across Iceland!


Halló there! Welcome to The Great Norse Run, a running adventure like no other. Widely known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”, Iceland is home to some of the largest glaciers in Europe and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. We’re going to be passing over these whilst waving goodbye to stress with a ten-day, 200 mile trip of a lifetime.

Enroute you’ll drink Brennivín and eat fermented shark, veer wildly towards volcanoes, stare longingly at Game of Thrones scenery and—with a few dozen new friends—slowly clap your hands overhead in true Skol war-cry style. You'll indulge in hot spring parties and ice cold beers, pumping music and majestic silence, and eye-poppingly stunning scenery to create unforgettable moments.

Leading you into the land of Vikings will be Danny Bent, world record holder, author, happiness guru, and powerhouse of positivity. This adventure, as with everything Danny is involved in, is as radically inclusive as possible! It’s absolutely not a race; we will have a couple of groups—one walking/jogging then other a little speedier. 25 miles a day is a long way but as a tribe we can all make it!

Expect new friendships, stunning cliff edge views, heart pumping climbs and hearty meals inspired by local Icelandic cuisine! Top it off with restful nights looking out at the stars and maybe even the magnificent aurora borealis!

An adventure is nothing if we’re not all working towards something. The aim is for us each to raise £1,000 for causes that are supporting young people around the world who are down on their luck. We'll help you achieve this goal!

This is your time. Your adventure. See you on the lava fields.

The P l a n

The Plan

  • 1

    After you arrive in Reykjavik, you'll grab a burger at the Chuck Norris burger bar, then coach up to Akureyri. Spend the night in a hotel.

  • 2

    You'll take a ceremonial toe-dip in northern Icelandic waters, then start your official Great Norse Run. Spend the night in a campsite, just before the start of the interior Desert section.

  • 3

    Today will be a tough day, rising slowly (then less slowly) to the Desert plateau. Spend the night wild-camping.

  • 4

    You'll take in stark wilderness views, with the tongue of the Hofsjokull glacier just visible in the distance. In the evening, enjoy a dip in the natural hot tubs (including beer and chips), and very wild camping.

  • 5

    You'll take a rest from running today, but still get some adventure in with an excursion to climb the Hofsjokull glacier and explore the ice tunnels with an Icelandic climbing guide.

  • 6

    Today is all about fire and ice, running between two huge icecaps—very peaceful, very surreal. Watch out for the active volcano to your left!

  • 7

    Today is your last day in the Desert—prepare to see the colour green again. River crossings will be challenging today, expect to get very wet. Enjoy a celebratory BBQ in the evening.

  • 8

    You'll enter the national park and witness the Game of Thrones scenery at every turn—black mountains that look like frozen water, and impossibly shaped rock formations.

  • 9

    Just when the national park couldn't get any better, the ground changes into a rainbow. Amazing soil colours and lichen so thick you can use it as a trampoline.

  • 10

    Just one more (small) icecap to run past, then land's end and the chance to throw yourself into the southern seas. The Great Norse Run comes to an official close, celebrated with tea and medals. Bus back to Reykjavik and flights home.

Various Accommodation

Hotel and camping accommodation throughout Iceland's most stunning terrain.


Your first night, you'll stay in a hotel in Akureyri to ensure you get a good night's sleep and start the adventure off on the right foot.

Then, you'll be camping in Iceland's most beautiful wilderness with your retreat companions by your side.

The Great Norse Run

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