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Awakening the Warrior

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About Us

Revamp designs transformational retreats and experiences in the most magical places around the world. On every retreat, you will experience transformation, deep connection, relaxation, wellness, and global impact. We invite you to join our tribe of adventurers, seekers and change-makers.

Meet the Creator

I started this company with a mission to transform lives. Years ago, I went on a retreat and it changed everything for me. It inspired me to quit my corporate job and move to Los Angeles to follow my purpose of sharing health, wellness, and travel.

Retreats were the spark that lit my fire. That's how Revamp was born.

Now I get to work with the best teachers, healers, and leaders in the community. Together we get to facilitate change in the lives of everyone who comes on a Revamp experience.

We are motived by our desire to serve your journey. It is our mission that with Revamp you can see that yes there is more, yes you can have it, and yes the Universe will support you just as it did me.

Wherever you are now in your life right now, whether it's a moment of transition, healing, or growth, trust that you are on your path, and there is so much more in store for you. Our wish is that we can be a part of your adventure.

I welcome you to our tribe.

Kori Zornes