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Yoga Retreat • United States

Women's Yoga Retreat in the Finger Lakes

04 October 2018

$800 Per Person | 3 nights

Indulge in a restorative, women's-only weekend of yoga, wine, and sensory pleasures in tranquil New York wine country.

Yoga Retreat • United States

Winter Eco Yoga, Ski and Adventure Retreat

15 February 2019

$950 Per Person | 3 nights

Combining yoga and mountain adventures in Catskills, USA.

Yoga Retreat • United States

Toas Yoga | Land of Enchantment

05 October 2018

$1,025 Per Person | 3 nights

A yoga retreat uncovering the raw beauty of New Mexico.

Yoga Retreat • United States

Yellowstone Yoga | Into the Wild Retreat

16 August 2018

$1,120 Per Person | 4 nights

Yoga and adventure retreat deep in the forests of Yellowstone National Park.

Yoga Retreat • United States

Joshua Tree Yoga | Desert Meets the Stars

17 May 2019

$600 Per Person | 2 nights

Feed the wild light of your spirit with this balancing weekend campout in Joshua Tree.

Yoga Retreat • United States

Zion Yoga | Summer Solstice

20 June 2019

$1,498 Per Person | 3 nights

Decompress, declutter, and discover your inner mountaineer with this yoga retreat in the towering red rocks of Zion.