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From websites and online stores to marketing tools and growth analytics, Fixers is the travel and experiences platform to build your beautiful empire.

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Beautifully simple design

Design your own website

Create your own website with our simple tools to hero all the elements of your trip or experience with our beautifully designed templates.

Online stores

All you need to sell your trips in one place

Fixers is built for you to sell all the elements of a unique trip in one place e.g. event tickets, experiences, accommodation, transport and any other add-ons. With no fees, deposit options, one-click checkout, world-class fraud protection, a range of global payment options, and more.

Marketing and growth tools

Use smart tools to grow your business

Use our smart marketing tools for retargeting, creating ads and email marketing. We’ll provide you with analytics to help you identify traffic sources and double down on the acquisition channels that are working.

Secret Woodland Dining
Worldwide reach

Get new customers

Fixers connects sellers to shoppers through our global marketplace. Helping you grow your business.


Sales through your fixers shop

Commission is 5% through your Fixers shop and 10-15% on sales through the Fixers marketplace.

How is my money protected?

Your funds are paid into a dedicated business client account - more information on our financial terms is available on request.

Can you set up deposits?

Yes we can offer deposit options. Right now, we can either offer deposit option 10%/25%/35%/50% or full payment.

How long until my shop is live?

1 week approximately from when you first contact us.

Worldwide reach

The home for travel creatives and brands

Fixers connects sellers to shoppers through our global marketplace. Helping you grow your business.

Oli and Flo

Founders Cook Eat Discover

“When we had a dream to create our own gastronomy retreats in Tuscany we knew straight away that we wanted to sell them with Fixers as we had been on trips with them and loved the brand.”


Founder Lovetrails & Útíliv

“Fixers has enabled me to sell trips that no other platform can and they look amazing! I’ve been able to launch new products quickly with rapid growth. Their marketing support and expertise has also achieved real results.”


Founder Supa Dupa Fly & Rock the Belles

“With Fixers, I’ve been able to grow my business massively from previous years. The platform is fantastic and the team are awesome!”

Noah and Anna

Founders Nomadic

“When we launched our new experience in the Fixers marketplace all places sold out within a couple of days!”

You build your empire, we do the rest.

We started Fixers because we couldn’t find a home online to sell our own festivals and adventures. So we decided to build our own.

Chances are, most of the challenges you’ve faced, we’ve faced them too. From managing inventory, availability, customer support, payment reminders and more - we’ll handle it all. Let’s crack this together and create the most exciting travel store on the planet!