Lakes and Rivers Experience

Lithuania · 5 nights

Kayaking the waters and exploring the forests of the stunning Gražutės Regional Park.


Experience life out on the water in the remote countryside of Lithuania as you spend six days paddling the lakes, rivers and estuaries of Gražutės Regional Park.

Take to your kayak and begin your adventure as you slice through pristine rivers surrounded by dense forest, taking in the wild landscape and its wildlife as you go.

You'll spend three full days out on the water and in between, you'll also get to go wild swimming in crisp natural waters, learn how to make honey, forage and then chill in the sauna before cozying up in a traditional forest cabin as night descends.

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The P l a n

The Plan

  • 1

    Arrive, meet your fellow adventurers, enjoy a delicious dinner and a sauna before tomorrow's action.

  • 2

    Head out for a day of exploration and kayaking on Šventoji river, before stopping off to make honey with a local honey maker.

  • 3

    Today you'll be kayaking to Antalieptės reservoir, which is made up of 26 mini lakes. Spend the entire day out on the water before returning to your guesthouse and home for the next two nights for a sauna.

  • 4

    Spend your free day roaming the woods on a hike, swimming in the reservoir, reading and also, (if you're up for it) you'll have the option of heading out to forage too.

  • 5

    Kayak on the fast and narrow river Nikajus to Zarasai today for an energising adventure now you're an expert kayaker. Then take part in a breadmaking class in Zarasai town where you'll stay tonight.

  • 6

    Enjoy a delicious breakfast before heading off for the airport.